Why Red + Infrared Light Therapy?


Increasing Collagen Production


Sleep Optimization


Decrease Inflammation


Assist In Pain Relief


Hair Regrowth


Super Charge Your Recovery


Recharge Down To The Cellular Level

Red Light and Infrared Light Therapy at Restorative Infrared Therapy in Phoenix is a great way to give your body that boost it needs in recovery, energy and sleep. Our infrared panels offer both Red light (630nm-660nm) or Near Infrared light (830-850nm). You can utilize both at the same time, or each of them alone!

Utilizing the 830-850nm which is the Near infrared wavelengths or the Red light at 630-660nm, we are able to achieve the best results. These specific wavelengths have been shown to be the most bioactive and produce the best results at the cellular level.

Infrared and Red light therapy have been found to be safe with no known serious side effects.

Come relax and recharge at Restorative Infrared Therapy in Phoenix in our custom Infrared room. You are able to listen to your own bluetooth stereo and recharge away from the hustle and bustle of the world!

We are located inside of
CyroWorld Therapy and Restorative MediSpa where you are able to utilize WholeBody Cryotherapy and also receive a Vitamin IV infusion, massage, facial or botox while all at the same location.


I have noticed my skin is much better since starting Infrared therapy at Restorative Infrared.

Wendy from Scottsdale

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